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My Story

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Nichelle Gray


I'm originally from NY, but I currently reside in Charlotte, North Carolina. As a mom, I learned a lot about life and how to transform certain traits into skills.

I knew I was a solutions-based thinker when I discovered my love for puzzles, riddles, and books with multiple endings at a very early age. Interestingly enough, it was those books that taught me that things don't have to end how they're predicted to; You can take another route, adjust your course, or build a whole new path if needed!  

For years, I used my creativity and problem-solving experience to unofficially help people before I decided to launch GC + BM.

In preparation for stepping out on my own, I accepted a position working with Project Managers at a FinTech Company so I could learn the Ins & Outs of running successful projects.

GC+BM provides the space for me to be creative, develop solutions and use my knowledge and experience to assist my clients!

The most exciting part about what I get to do, seeing an idea come to life!


I can't wait to work with you!

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